AEE Publised It's September Edition of Our Atlas Elite Entertainment Magazine

After successful 2020 releases of “Let’s Wait Awhile” (Janet Jacket remake) and “Ready To Rock,” Angel continues to stay busy in 2021.  She is preparing to release two new singles and an album.  Her fans are excited and waiting to see what is next for the R&B and Urban Gospel singer.  Angel never runs out of creative ideas to surprise her loyal following.  The announcement of her new releases is coming soon! Listen to “Let’s Wait Awhile” and “Ready To Rock.”


Shardella Sessions has released a new single, “Everything.”  The single will grace the R&B singer’s new upcoming album coming in 2021.  Shardella is in the studio working on her new album that her fans are anxiously awaiting the release.  Listen to “Everything.”

AEE 4th Annual Award Show Coming in 2022

As many people know, our movie, Destined for Greatness, was close to being shot this year.  Then along came the Coronavirus.  This virus is believed to have started as early as November of 2019 manifested as the most deadly pandemics of our time.  It has caused a halt to the usual way we have lived for the unforeseeable future.  Our movie is on hold as a result.  The current state of our nation and economy has shifted our attention, causing us to re-examine our plans to come up with alternatives, possibly.


As much as we want the movie to begin production, we must always remind ourselves that we control a few things in life.  Often, our success can hinge on the actions of others or situations that occur or not.  If production begins with Destined for Greatness, we would consider it a blessing.  If it never sees the light of day, we are grateful for the possibility that it might have happened.   Either way, we must move forward with what we are doing with our creative control.  Anything we produce is done so by us.  That puts all of the responsibility on us because we control it.  We are more at peace with depending on us than relying on external factors to be successful.   So, we move onward and upward.