Atlas Elite Entertainment (AEE) Selections, Nominations and Voting Process

The judges for this event are the members of the Atlas Elite Entertainment (AEE) team.  The combined experience of this team covers a large cross section of different music and forms of artistry.  Our eight categories are Best Pop Single, Best R&B Single, Best Hip-Hop Single, Best Gospel/Christian Single, Best Country Single, Best Rock Single, Best Jazz Single and Best Reggae Single.  Each song that is submitted will be reviewed and judged for:

• Production quality (professionally recorded and mastered)

• Lyrical content (no profanity or degrading lyrics, clean lyrics only)

• Melody

• Creativity

• Uniqueness

• Commercial appeal

Judging results will be recorded based on a unique tracking code assigned to each song. The judges will assign each entry a final score, and the total scores will determine whether a song is nominated.  After each of the six nominees is chosen for each of the eight categories, the winners of each category will be announced during the actual awards show.


Song Submissions

Submissions will be accepted only via our official website, which will be launched on January 1, 2018.  A submitted song must be a single track that has been published and that is available for purchase.  You must send us a link to either Amazon or iTunes so we can verify that your song has been published.  The song must be the original work of the artist who has the authority to submit their song for consideration.

A representative may also submit a song for their artist.  The artist or representative may submit as many songs as they wish.  There is a submission fee of $25 for each track submitted.  All submissions are final.  Genre submissions must be an MP3 audio recording.  No music video of your song will be accepted.  If your song is nominated, we will ask for a photo of your published artwork that represents the title of your song, a high-resolution photo of you (1920x1080) and a link to where the song can be purchased.  The nominee’s artwork will appear on our nominees’ page along with a link to your music page.  If there are discrepancies with your submission, you will be notified via email and will receive a deadline by which to respond.  If you do not respond by the deadline, your submission will not be accepted and you will not be eligible for a refund.  If it is determined that your submission violates our submission guidelines, your entry may be withdrawn and you will not be eligible for a refund of your submission fee.  Submitted songs will not be returned to the sender.  Each song will be kept in a catalog indicating that the song was submitted and that it cannot be re-submitted in a future AEE award show.



Everyone who submits material for consideration will receive, by email, a beautiful certificate of acknowledgement and appreciation that they can print in color and frame for their wall of fame.  Winners in each category will receive our Atlas Award.  At the end of our show, one artist from among the nominees will be awarded Song of the Year; another will receive Honorable Mention.


The AEE Award Show reserves the exclusive right to re-categorize entries and/or multiple category entries at its sole discretion.  Nominees will be announced during the six-month submission process that will start in January 2018; at that time, we will present the official website.  The winners in each category will be announced during the online virtual award show presentation in July 2018.  Songs submitted should be no more than five minutes in length.  The AEE Award Show will accept entries for a period of six months.  We reserve the exclusive right to open and/or close the submission deadline(s) that AEE has set.

If you have any questions about this process and/or the song you are submitting, please get in touch with us through our Contact page.










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